Have all the data at your fingertips?

The more data-driven the world becomes, the more it expects you to become data-informed. Imagine pulling out all the stats you need about your workforce from anywhere.

Track Time and attendance, with our check in and out feature allowing attendance/time to be accurately logged from anywhere, available on web or mobile devices.

To help businesses become Covid prepared we offer Enterprise customers biometric device integration, now includes facial recognition with body temperature checks or biometric thumbprint readers. Upshots ‘self service’ system allows employees to automatically generate the information you need.

Optimise your team with key insights






Core Management

Mobile APP
Upshots Self Service mobile App allows employees to access their data from their devices and update the system keeping all data upto date and relevant
Employee information management
Organised, manageable employee records, giving relevant decision makers the information they need
New Employees can complete 'pre start' documentation before arriving saving valuable time
Know your Employee (KYE)
Collect only relevant and useful information on your employees, including health information for those working in high risk industries
Employee Communication
Communicate company or employee updates and news directly ensuring employees get relevant HR information
Employee Documents Management
Centralised document management, cloud based document management
Perks and Benefits
Reward employees with company wide incentives, keeping all employees motivated
Company Policies and Forms
Store, create, distribute company policies and forms ensuring that all staff are aware of vital company information
HR Reports
Effortlessly process and analyse your HR data to uncover insights into your workforce, policies and practices.


Configurable Salary Structure
Businesses can offer multiple paystructures, Upshot is easily configurable
Payroll input
Upload 3rd party payroll data or create your own payroll reports in Upshot
Payroll Reimbursement
Part of our Expense Management system, Upshot allows employees to claim back expenses
Loan Salary Advances
Easily allocate payment advances
Statutory Compliance
Ensure all payroll information is compliant to local payroll laws
Payslip Generation and Distribution
Quickly generate payslips and issue them to your entire workforce in one click
Payroll Reports that integrate into your accounting tools
Upshot works seemlessly with various accounting systems including Xero , Sage and Quickbooks

Employee Self Service

Leave Management

Fully Customisable leave policies
Manage Balance and Transactions


Attendance Management

Swipe and Capture from Various Sources
Extensive Shift Management
Highly Configurable policies
Attendance processing
Geo Tagging

Expense Claims Management

Highly Customisable business rules
Expense Claims Processing


Roster Management
Multi Company Support
Employee Self Onboarding

Add ons

Upshot Expense Cards
Upshot Thumbprint readers
Upshot Facial Recoginition and Temprature Checks
Performance Tracking £7 per user/m £7 per user/m £7 per user/m
Recruitment Management £5 per user/m £5 per user/m £5 per user/m

In App Subscription

API Integration In app subscription In app subscription In app subscription
Invoice OCR In app subscription In app subscription In app subscription

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