HR teams spend 73% of their time on repetitive HR tasks

Automate tasks with Upshot HRMS

  • Track and monitor holiday requests in one place
  • Track and monitor sickness & absence
  • Keep all HR documents in one place safely in the cloud
  • Plan appraisals and recognise achievements
  • Log and manage expenses the Upshot Expense card and tracker
  • Generate insightful HR reports

Advanced Features

  • Simplify the recruitment process
  • Pay payroll directly through Upshot
  • Track and Maximise Employee Performance

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Designed for all of your staff
Access and update anytime, anywhere.

Upshot is cloud based and accessible via Android, iOS and Web

Employers can:

  • Know where their staff are at all times
  • Manage a large workforce via the Upshot app
  • View and track performance of teams and individuals
  • Manage payroll and payslips with a few simple clicks
  • Ensure project deadlines are being met
  • Efficiently manage your organisations HR

Employees can:

  • Check in and out of work - whilst logging geo tag information
  • Update their records
  • Submit HR documentation, including certificates and CV’s
  • Book holidays
  • Access notices
  • Inform your business of relevant changes
  • Access the employees payroll information including payslips
  • Access shift information
  • Generate timesheets
  • Many more features

Empower your HR team to focus on what's important - the management of Human resources.

Upshots analytical tools allow HR managers to see exactly which areas of HR are underperforming and quickly resolve problems before they occur.